Cherry Miller

Feminist Politics and Populism: Positioning Gender in Populism Studies

Despite a growth in populism studies, overall, it has been suggested that gender has arguably been marginalised in this research. As 2019 commences, it is indeed timely to reflect on the empirical and theoretical performativity of populism – that is […]

Salla Atkins

What constitutes evidence for policy? New Social Research seminar series

But what constitutes evidence? How should it be packaged? How do researchers communicate their findings so that they are correctly interpreted and how do we ensure that policymakers understand our findings? Research is not – and should not be – […]

Elina I. Mäkinen

Early Career Researchers Form a New Academic Society in Support of Interdisciplinary Research and Careers

Universities, research institutes, funders, and governments emphasize the benefits of interdisciplinary knowledge creation as it is seen as a strategy for increasing innovation and creating new solutions to old problems (Boix Mansilla 2006; Jacobs and Frickel 2009). The rhetoric of […]

Rômulo Lima

Bolsonaro and the rise of Far-Right Neoliberalism in Brazil

One year ago, in November 2017, Jair Bolsonaro was no big reason to be concerned with. Michel Temer, the former vice-president of Dilma Rousseff who took over the presidency after her impeachment in 2016, was still unfolding a series of […]

Rebecca Lund

It’s about values, not women: Changing the scripts, content and process of leadership in the academy

One of the concerns people express about the neoliberal academy is that you either perform it or contest it. It’s a very limited amount of options that are on offer. I think that’s where we need to place our attention. […]

Jurgen De Wispelaere, Antti Halmetoja and Ville-Veikko Pulkka

The Finnish Basic Income Experiment — Correcting the Narrative

The last few months have been unkind to basic income experiments. In Ontario, the newly elected Provincial Government reneged on its promises and on 31 July unceremoniously announced the experiment would be cancelled. The fallout in Ontario is considerable and […]

Marianne Mäkelin

Charting a posthuman approach to bioethics

Recent developments in biology, for example, now enable gene modification in unprecedented precision and low cost. This has created calls for bioethicists and social scientists to join the discussion on how these new technologies should or should not be used. […]

Ali Qadir

Facing the veil: An Orientalist reprise

Alustus! It is more than likely that Finland will sooner or later ban face coverings, hijabs, niqabs, burqahs, or some such. Denmark enforced such a ban on face coverings from August 1. On August 3, the first person was charged for […]

Ali Qadir

Universities and the looking glass: Taking impact beyond policy-based evidence

  ”In cynical terms, the fable of speaking truth to power is just that: a fable. Evidence-based policy for the most part is a story that politicians tell that helps legitimize their decisions. It has proven to be a very […]

Rebecca Boden

Who should pay for university education and when – the student, the taxpayer, the employer or all three?

It was justified by partial economic arguments (that the student benefits so the student should pay). The fees […]