Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen (translation by Salli Hakola)

Solving climate change: three fallacies

Tiina Heikkilä (translation by Heli Luosujärvi)

Collecting data threatens our freedom if we are not careful

 According to Couldry, we are living during a datafication, where the importance and capitalistic value of data is increasing in all sectors of the society. The concentration of data controlling creates conditions for the birth of unprecedented concentrations of power. Regardless, […]


Available: A smart, committed and competent senior employee

A dilemma frames the life of the modern 55-year-old: can I ever retire and, on the other hand, if I get fired now will anyone hire me again. During the last ten years the employment rate of people approaching the […]

Timo Harjuniemi (translation by Veli-Pekka Ketola)

In communicative capitalism everything is ”content”

Communicative capitalism forces the political energy to produce added value. In its logic the most important act is to consume the endless content stream of communication platforms and take part in producing content. While communicative capitalism has increased the amount […]

Reetta Eiranen (translation by Tiia Tikka)

Emotional ties were the fuel for the national ideology

The members of the Tengström circle were close to each other as spouses, as friends, as siblings and as colleagues. In which ways have these relationships been important to the nationalistic ideology they shared? How have the close personal relations […]

Tiina Heikkilä (translation by Veli-Pekka Ketola)

Difficulty to touch can isolate from others

Positive touch memories carry social and emotional capital. Those with a positive relationship to touching are affectively privileged, observes postdoctoral research fellow Marjo Kolehmainen. Touching between Finns is scant and often unnatural. The reason for this is searched in the […]

David M. Turner

Disability and Political Activism in the British Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution is often seen in disability studies as a time of increasing marginalization for disabled people. However, the emerging labour movement also allowed some disabled people to find a political voice. Disability activism refers to collective political action […]

Ioana Țîștea

Thinking from the border towards envisioning differential subjectivities

The 1990s and early 2000s were marked by political transformations in Eastern Europe, after the collapse of socialist modernity and during European Union expansions in the region. This period was framed within a discursive framework of ‘transition’ from socialism to […]

Tiina Heikkilä

What group is an entity with a moral duty in terms of climate change?

Philosopher Stephanie Collins discusses with Alusta’s editor Tiina Heikkilä about climate change and the abilities and duties of different collective actors in preventing and controlling it. Who or what group can be responsible for stopping climate change or controlling it? […]

Ali Qadir and Amir Reza Barjasteh

De-centering the global: NSR hosts critical, multidisciplinary studies of globalization

Is the global truly as universal as the photograph of the earth from space would suggest? Five, leading, international scholars — from departments of sociology, education, geography, law, and history — visited Tampere in April and May to discuss how […]